Video Marketing: The Future of SEO

What is video marketing?

Now a day’s online marketing has grown leaps and bounds over’s the years and video marketing becomes a major part of marketing plans. Video marketing refers to any video like live action or animated used to promote or market a specific service or we can say that product. The main basis of video marketing, forward –faces marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns. This can include marketing the vision, brand’s name, and benefits. At present time it is a powerful tool for those who wish to spread the word or maximize business or product. Videos are used to promote your brand and business.


The powerful reason you need to use video marketing

Videos have been a most important part of marketing strategies for many years. As mobile technology and social media continues to advance. Video marketing has played an intermediate role in practice and campaigns. Actually, youtube is the second largest engine on the web. Here are the most important reasons why should you consider video marketing.

  1. Improve your SEO: if you are adding a video to your website so that can increase the chance of front page by Google result by many times.
  2. Higher engagement: in today time videos everywhere, when you scroll down your Facebook feed and you will see it there streaming without you even clicking on it. Remember tweets with images and Facebook video increase engagement.
  3. Easy to share: According to digital media 60% of people watch video online every day. Most of the people are more likely to connect with video content on a level and it is a very easy way to connect the people or friend on their social media accounts.
  4. Easy to use on mobile:  in recent times according to youtube; mobile videos have been rising at an unequaled level. In addition, most social media platform have the “autoplay” option, where a video will start playing as you scroll past it. That is the best way to grabbing the viewer’s attention easily. Mobile phones provide the perfect chance for viewers to check out content on the go.

Benefits of  video marketing SEO

  1. Video is easily searchable than text content.
  2. Most of the customer or people spend their time on videos.
  3. Video is shared frequently and easily.
  4. Video content marketing educates inspire and entertains.
  5. Video marketing increases mobile traffic.
  6. Video wide reach: it means that just one video can reach several users on various platforms.
  7. Video marketing is now mobile friendly.
  8. A video is the best online marketing tools of your competitors.
  9. Video marketing SEO is now measurable or we can say that is great for SEO.

Why video marketing is so effective in SEO

Video marketing is a hardly overlooked subject if we talk about the importance of content. A video marketing is a strategy for the future of SEO. According to research, more than 52% of consumers want to see videos from brands or products and more than any other type of content. A video is easy to share across the multiple platforms. Customers like it because it is very easy to digest engaging and entertaining and it can give a possible huge return on investment through many sources and channels.

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