What Is The Importance of keyword In SEO?

What is the Importance of Keyword?

Here, In today’s article, we are going to talk about What are keywords and how you can find SEO keyword and What is the importance of keyword in SEO.

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What are keywords in SEO?

Keywords are basically terms in SEO that refers to the words or phrases which a user types on Search Engine such as Google to get the result for his Query. In other words, whenever a person has a query, he enters some words into a search engine related to his query to find specific information, in terms of SEO these words are known as Keywords. On the basis of a query made on search engines, there are some keywords which receive thousands of traffic every day while there are also many which receive only hundreds or a few visits. The amount of traffic a keyword receives depends on how frequently it is used among its users.

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Importance of keyword in SEO:

As we know that most of the users visit search engines to get the answer to their query, so keyword plays an important role in SEO. We should comprehend it by taking an example: Suppose you have a blog which gives information related to yoga, health and fitness tips. Now you create content with a title “How to stay fit by doing yoga” and in keywords, you add “Stay fit”, “How to stay fit”, “stay fit by doing yoga”. Now, when this query is performed, the Search engine will crawl all web pages having these keyword included in it. If your webpage will be optimized properly then you will certainly get top ranking on the search engine to results because your webpage is giving information related to the query. Thus, keywords are very useful in SEO.

It is always suggested to make use of keywords in Title, Content and Meta description to optimize it better. Let’s see, why?

Using Keyword in Title:

The title plays an important role in describing information present in a Content. It is always recommended to use keywords in Titles because it helps Search Engine Crawlers as well as users to have an idea that content is relevant to their query. Using keywords in Title also increase the chances of getting more clicks on a web page. So, never forget to add the Keyword in the Title section.

Keywords in Content:

One of the major SEO factors is the presence of Keyword in content for which it is optimized. Good quality of content is the one which contains the keyword in it. Having keyword presence in a content gives an idea to search engines that information present in it is correct and relevant to the search being performed. However, using too many keywords may penalize your website because Search Engine may consider it for promotion purpose rather than information sharing. So, try to keep a proper Keyword Density in your content to have a great user experience.

Keywords in Meta Description:

The meta description is a short paragraph of text placed in the HTML of a web page and it gives an idea to search engine about the information present in the content. Try to use only focus keyword in meta- description of your post because it will help search engine to know the keyword for which you want to optimize your content.

How to Research Keywords:

Selecting a proper keyword is very essential for any business or an individual blog. With an increase in Online Competition, most of the Business are now coming online. So, it becomes very difficult to rank your Post on competitive keywords. So, in order to find keywords relevant to your website niche, webmasters now have the options to use software’s available online.

There are many paid software available on the internet such as “SEMRush” and “Wordtracker” which are very much helpful in researching keywords which suit best for your business or blog. Because they are costly so most of the start-up bloggers and business face problems in buying such software.

So, what to do now to find the correct and effective keyword for your post.

The answer is present in the Google search bar itself. What happens in Google search is, whenever you type a keyword on the search bar, Google automatically shows some of the keywords related to your search which are mostly searched by the users, and these are known as suggestive keywords.

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See below image to better understand this more clearly:

SEO keywords

Now, when I was searching for a keyword “What are keywords”, Google automatically started suggesting other keywords like what is the keyword in C, what is the keyword in java, what is keyword adword etc. Google shows this result on the basis of traffic which a keyword is receiving, keywords receiving high traffic start coming on top of suggestive.

So, if you are facing problems to get an idea about keywords related to your business or niche, then you can use Google which is freely available. If you are a growing business then you should surely give “SEM Rush” a try because it is an indispensable tool for marketing purpose.

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