List of top 10 Internet Browsers 2018-2019

List of Internet Browsers 2018

As we all know that internet browser is one the most important tool which you have installed on your PC. We surf internet many times in a day but every time we ever think that which internet browser is best.  Today, there is number of internet browser available, but which one is the top internet browser or fastest internet browser. It is a software application that is used to access any kind of websites. If you can choose the right internet browser then it can to increase the internet experience to the users.

Today, the world of internet browsing, Google Chrome might be the king but there are other internet browsers are also available in the market. So, in this post we are sharing the list of top 10 internet browsers 2018-2019 through which you can easily choose the option your prefer most for browsing the internet.

Top 10 internet browsers

  1. Google Chrome: Today, Google Chrome is the best and most used browser in the world. The popularity of this web browser is increasing day by day. These browsers have all the skills which are needed to be best. This browser have excellent features like simplicity, speed and security, and all these features is the main reason to holding the first position among the list of top 10 internet browsers. This browser is available for all kind of operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS. So, you can use it any kind of device either PC or mobile.

Google Chrome

  1. Safari Web Browser: Safari is the default internet browser for Mac and iOS devices. And this browser is developed by the Apple Inc. and you can be downloaded from its website. This browser is only available for Apple products not for Windows. The most popular features include fast and secure browsing, popup blocking, and tabbed browsing.


  1. Mozilla Firefox: This browser is more popular internet browser and it is more flexible functionality. This browser is most available for Android, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux devices. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox comes up with many features including Advert blockers, social media sharing widgets, customizable interface, forms auto fill and the wide range of extensions and plugins and forms auto fill.


  1. Microsoft Edge: This internet browser is the default internet browser for PCs and it is most widely used internet browser in the world. This internet browser has lightweight and fast features and these features make it more user-friendly for internet browsing. Some other features of this internet browser like Cortana and intelligent browsing options make it more reliable. 


  1. Internet Explorer: This internet browser is also named as IE or MSIE. This browser was one of the most widely used internet browsers, before Chrome and Firefox browsers arrive. Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows 10 and have with its security and malware protection features.


  1. Avant Browser: This browser is reliable software to surf the internet. Its browsing speed is not good as compared to other internet browsers but it has so many features like RSS feeds, password manager, tabbed browsing, and on page function as well.


  1. Opera Browser: Opera is one of the oldest web browsers and it is much suitable for slow internet connection users. It is the fast and secure way of browsing the internet and it has features includes like sync bookmarks, built-in webpage and these features make it more reliable for the internet browsing. This internet browser is available for Windows, UNIX and OS X. And also available as Opera Mini for mobile operating systems.


  1. Maxthon Browser: It is a powerful browser that offers a speedy user experience. It has basic and smooth functionality that you can use it for every type of Mobile and PC’s. It is available for Windows, MACOS and LINUX operating systems. Their drag and drop image feature works very well and you can transfer images to your phone or email address just in few clicks.


  1. Torch Internet Browser: This browser is best for downloading torrent files and social media sharing. With this browser you can easily share sites, audio sites and videos with your social accounts. This browser has all excellent functionality including flash player, music and media files.


  1. Vivaldi Browser: It is a freeware internet browser and it has minimalistic user interface and allow users to customize the theme, start bar, background color and tab positioning and so on.


So this was the list of top 10 internet browsers 2018-2019. If you still have any questions related to top web browsers or if you have any other browser in your mind that you want to be mention in this list, let us know in the comments below.

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