How to Increase Website Traffic By Social Bookmarking Sites

How to Get Traffic through Social Bookmarking Sites  

How to increase website traffice by social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites on which users share their web pages, videos, articles, blogs, and images. It is a great way for people a great way to store, organize, search and manage “bookmarks” of web pages. It is an ideal strategy to get website traffic and improves the technique for SEO ranking from extra backlinks. This procedure basically opens up the best tactic to gain prominence for your website by promoting it on social bookmarking websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon. You can operate this feature by simply using online software apps to tag a web page in order to access it later. Users can easily save those links to the web pages that they want to share, as these bookmarks are usually public, and can be viewed by other members of the site where they are stored. Here are some useful tips to increase your website traffic by Social Bookmarking:

Tips to Increase Website Traffic By Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. List Your Goals

For succeeding your targets, it is set to keep your mind totally engaged. You must set your target wisely and also need to select your specific audience, which you want to target. Additionally, make sure that the title you choose should be meaningful and precise for the audience so that the visitors are compelled to visit your website.

  1. Offer High-Quality Content

Always make sure that the content you serve is of high quality which is helpful for the user who spends time on your website. For better optimization of your website, it is essential to write a content which can be original however easily understandable.

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  1. Avoid Spamming

When you post content on any social bookmarking website, ensure to avoid spamming in groups. As this process may bring a huge amount of traffic in the introductory stage but after a certain stage it would simply fade out.

  1. Write Catchy Headlines

When you post content on any social bookmarking website, the first thing that hit the readers mind is the headline of your content. It will either build or break your post, so should be attractive and eye catchy!

Alluring a reader is a difficult task but once you get the reader’s attention it is much easier to convince your reader to either vote it up or give it a thumbs down. So keep your posts relevant and updated.

  1. Promote Wisely

As this step gives the opportunity for users to promote your content. Promote your content in social media sites so that it reaches a lot of people.  Promote your blogs on social bookmarking sites helps you to increase your website traffic. It is important to make it informative as well as appealing.

  1. Update Your Website Regularly

Update your website frequently as this gives a wide range of information on a daily basis. Hence, you need to update your website to build users trust and interest in the business. The more your readers get to read new information, the more they will return to your website and this helps to increase your website traffic.

  1. Build A Chain Of Supporters

Collaborate with others and build a chain of supporters who can vote for your proposals. Share your work to the influencers on social media platforms that will help your content to move to the front page of social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon.

  1. Being active

Publicize and share some good and impressive links with your friends or followers to promote the posts or blogs. This shows your activeness and compels users to visit your website.

  1. Feedback Matters

Feedback must come from your readers as they know the exact quality of your content and will help you to improve your work. Take the negative comments positively and improve your content accordingly.

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