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List of Top 5 haunted places in America

A Haunted place is a place or house or building and so on were often felt as being inhabited by ghostly spirits of the deceased who may have been former inhabitants or were familiar with the property. More scientific reasons for the perception that a place or house is haunted include misinterpreting noises naturally present in structures, waking dreams,

Must Visit Places in Dehradun

You can’t leave Dehradun without visiting these places as these showed class and beauty of the city: F.R.I. (Forest Research Institute, Dehradun) Location– Dehradun (Situated on Chakrata Road) Distance/Travel time– 8.4 Km/ 30 minutes (From ISBT) Entry Type– Paid Entry (Rs 10/person), Guide- Rs 50/- Exploration Time– 3 hours Opening Time– 9:00AM Closing Time– 5:30