Reasons Why is Online Shopping becoming more popular these days?

Why is Online Shopping becoming more popular these days?

online-shoppingWith the advanced technology growth, the nature of shopping also has changed day by day significantly. Advancement of e-commerce and online stores has brought about a revolution in shopping where customers are taking pleasure in new shopping experience like never before. Many advantages of online shopping are the most important reason for its increasing attractiveness and it holds true for online clothes shopping as well. At an online store, customers are able to browse through an eternal range of garments as per the latest fashion.

The terms of “shopping online” is quite trendy as more and people are going to use online shopping instead of traditional shopping which they have to go to stores to purchase the goods they want. This method has been replacing the traditional way of shopping increasingly. Some newspapers have said that soon in the future, online shopping will become the most popular way for shopping.

Online shopping is popular largely because most consumers conduct their research online. If the vast majority of information is available online to make a purchase, then why not be able to make a purchase online as well? Additionally, it’s much easier to compare products online than at a mall or a series of physical locations.

Shopping like this also has no limitation in time. In other words, one can make a purchase any time of a day or any day of a week and just sit back and wait for the goods to be delivered directly to the provided address. It is extremely comfortable for those who do not have much time to go to the shop to purchase products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Nowadays, as we all know that online shopping is one of the trendiest ways to make purchases. But it’s not impressive that everyone would be comfortable doing this. As with most things, there are positives and negatives related to this approach to shopping. Online shopping is constantly becoming more popular and improving every day. To know the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping is additional knowledge for a lot of online shoppers that are useful for shopping online. Here Listed below are several online shopping advantages and disadvantages and these are the following.


With the rapid growth of technology, trade unions have switched over from the traditional method of selling goods to an electronic method of selling goods. Trade unions use the internet as the main vehicle to conduct money-making transactions.

There is no doubt that shopping online can be very convenient for busy people. You can shop from your home or office – or any other place where you have access to a computer, tablet device or Smartphone and Internet access. You can surf and make purchases any time of the day or night from any place. That is the convenient way for you rather than having to take time out of your day or evening to go to local stores.

  1. Convenience of online shopping

Customers can purchase items from the comfort of their own homes or workplace. Shopping is made easier and convenient for the customer through the internet. It is also easy to cancel the transactions. It Saves time and efforts. It is Convenience of shopping at home. There is various varieties/range of products also available. Good discounts / lower prices. Get detailed information about the product.

  1. No pressure shopping

Normally, in physical stores, the sales representatives try to influence the buyers to purchase the product. They make pressure whereas the customers are not pressurized in any way in online stores.

  1. Online shopping saves time

Customers don’t want to stand in queues in cash counters to pay money for the products that have been purchased by them. The customers can also search the products that are required by them by entering the keywords or using search engines from their computer, tablet device or Smartphone and Internet access by sitting at home or workplace and do not have to spend time on traveling.

  1. Comparisons of prices and products

Companies show the whole variety of products offered by them to attract customers with different tastes and needs. This facilitates the buyers to opt from a variety of models after comparing the finish, features, and price of the products on display. Sometimes, price comparisons are also available online. We can also compare various models, price, and brands of products.

  1. 24/7 Availability

Online shopping stores are open round the clock of 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days. It is very uncommon to locate any conventional retail stores that are open 24/7. The availability of online stores gives you the freedom to shop at your own pace and convenience.

  1. Online tracking

Online consumers can track the order status and delivery status tracking of shipping is also available.

  1. Online shopping saves money

To attract customers to shop online, e-tailers and marketers offer discounts to the customers.

  1. Shopping online allows you privacy

Shopping online allows you privacy. You can purchase any kind of product online while maintaining your privacy.



If there are advantages, probably there will be disadvantages. Although the success of purchasing through online shopping stores, there are still some disadvantages that most people complain about it. Ease of use is the primary reason that makes the success of e-commerce. Even if internet provides a rapid and easy way to buy a product. A few people prefer to make use of this technology only in a limited way. They regard the internet as a means for gathering more knowledge about a product before buying it in a shop. Several people fear that they might get obsessed with online shopping.

  1. Delay in receiving products

Long duration and lack of proper inventory management result in delays in shipment. Although the duration of choosing, buying and paying money for an online product may not take more than 15 minutes; the delivery of the product to customer’ s doorstep takes about 1-3 weeks. This irritates the customer and prevents them from shopping online.

  1. Lack of significant discounts in online shopping

Many physical stores offer discounts to the customers and attract them. So this makes it difficult for E-tailers to compete with the offline platforms.

  1. Lack of touch and feel of products in online shopping

Lack of touch-feel-try creates concerns over the quality of the product on offer. Online shopping is not quite appropriate for clothes because the customers cannot try them on.

  1. Lack of interactivity in online shopping

Physical stores allow price negotiations between buyers and the seller. The seller gives personal attention to customers and helps them in buying goods. Certain online shopping mart offers service to talk to a sales representative,

  1. Lack of shopping experience

The way of traditional shopping provides lot of fun in the form of show-room atmosphere, smart sales attendants, scent and sounds that cannot be experienced through a website.

  1. Personally, Check the Item

People like to visit physical stores and prefer to personally check the goods, though it consumes time. The electronic images differ from physical appearance when people buy goods based on electronic images. Hence, the electronic images of a product are sometimes misleading. The color, appearance in real may not match with the electronic images.

  1. Frauds in online shopping

In addition to above, the online payments are not much secured. So, it is necessary for e-marketers and retailers to focus on to this matter to enhance the growth of E-commerce. The rate of cyber crimes has been increasing and customers’ credit card details and bank details have been misused which raise privacy issues. Customers have to be careful in revealing their personal information. Some of the E-tailers are unreliable.

  1. Shipping charges

Shipping charges and delays are both common problems. Though items are normally discounted in the online store. Sometimes the calculation of a shipping charge makes the total price similar or more costly than that of your nearby store.

  1. Return problem

Returning the item is difficult in case of online shopping. They usually want the item within a short period of time.  Also, you have to pay the shipping charges again which is hard for the customer to pay money from his pocket.

  1. Warranty issues

Many electronic items are sold without international warranty. Many people have faced problem in receipt of warranty services for the products purchased online.


Final words

Why is online shopping so popular nowadays?

Online shopping is very popular nowadays because it has made things easy to buy, get immediate reviews about the product, and a good quality price for the product due to vast competition. It has also made several sellers arrive at huge markets. It has made pricing transparent and it has helped us in getting genuine products. It has also made us have a lot of selection while buying a product which is a very good thing.

Online shopping is going so popular because we can find each and everything at the same place without wandering here and there in the market at the best price. There are so many popular stores which sell different types of items at the same place worldwide like shop clues, snap deal, eBay, Amazon, etc.

It’s more convenient, there are plenty of choices, and we can compare one site to another in terms of price/model/quality. There are some websites that support wholesale function that customers will have an instant discount on certain products. If they increase the amount to a specified amount Feature Articles, they will instantly get the discount on their order. The customer service from online stores is also better than using the customer service from the retail store. It makes everything a lot easier.

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