Top 10 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2018

List of Top 10 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2018


If you are a Blogger, you know the importance of Ad networks. Blog monetization is an important aspect of every blogger or website owner. When you think about a blog monetization, “Google AdSense” first comes to mind but in this post, we will discuss various best Ad networks that give you better earnings for your blog. If you are a beginner level blogger and confuse then take a read this article.

In the hundreds of Ad network list, we will talk about some Best Ad networks for bloggers that give good earnings and these Ad networks are also trustworthy networks.

Now, here we are sharing the list of Best Ad networks that gives you good monetization opportunity for your blog.

Top 10 Best Ad networks for Bloggers

Here we have listed out Top 10 Best Ad networks for bloggers that help you to choose the first-class Best Ad network for your blog/website.

So let’s start with Google AdSense.

#1 Google AdSense


  1. AdSense is the best ad networks for all publisher around the world.
  2. It has its own service of Google.
  3. AdSense provides a free opportunity to make money online by using its relevant ads”.
  4. If you are a blogger or internet publisher then you can use AdSense for monetizing of your website. For using it you have to get an approval for AdSense services.
  5. To getting AdSense approval you have to follow some privacy policy, according to the policy you have to design your website.
  6. At the present time, Getting AdSense approval is much harder due to their strict policy. But if you properly follow all the rules then you can easily get an approval.
  7. After AdSense approval, you can use Ad code on your website for showing relevant ads.
  8. It gives you show mobile ads, video ads, search ads, display ads, and banner ads.
  9. AdSense show ads which is relevant to your website content and user’s interest, that’s the good point of AdSense service.
  10. It gives you revenue on a CPC-based Ads, that means when visitors click on Ads then you earn revenue from it.
  11. AdSense is the very first choice of every new internet publisher because it’s a service of Google and also payout process as well.
  12. Minimum payout/withdrawal limits of AdSense is $100 and you can get paid through Bank transfer or PayPal.

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  1. is another great Ad network that provides quality Ads and well monetization opportunity for all internet publishers.
  2. offers contextual Ads service of CPA, CPC, and CPM programs.
  3. According to the user viewpoint, is the best AdSense choices.
  4. It is powered by Yahoo and Bing.
  5. It is also well-rated Ads program for both advertiser and publishers across the world.
  6. provides better revenue to their publishers and its revenue model is based on CPC and Impression, means when a website visitor clicks on your Ad or seen your Ads then you can get revenue from it.
  7. It’s mostly targeted towards bloggers who share high quality and genuine content on their site.
  8. If your website is focused on a single topic then you will be more profitable from that Ad network because it provides you Ads according to your Website content.
  9. If you want to use that Ad network for monetizing your blog then first read the privacy policy then apply for it and you get return application after 2 working days.
  10. The minimum payouts limits of this Ad network is 100$. You can get payments through PayPal or any wireless transfer.
  11. If your blog gets the huge amount of traffic from US/UK then it is the Best Ad networks for your website.

#3 Propeller Ads


  1. The propeller is another best Ad network for generating better revenue from the blog.
  2. After AdSense and is the 3rd best option for you because of instant approval, timely payouts, and quality service.
  3. It provides you a different variety of Ads.
  4. This Ad network also provides you with a better revenue model and it gives you money according to your website traffic and how many Ads impression you generate per day.
  5. Propeller Ads offer CPM, CPA, and CPC ad programs and real-time reporting for all the ads.
  6. The minimum payouts limits of that Ad network is 25$and you can be received payments via Payoneer and PayPal.
  7. If you interested to monetize your blog with ‘‘propeller Ads” then just apply for this network.

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#4 RevenueHits


  1. If you are a blogger and your blog gets thousands of traffic per day then RevenueHits is the best option for you.
  2. RevenueHits payouts program is totally different from other Ad networks, it does not pay you revenue according to the click or impression.
  3. They only pay you when someone clicks on Ads take any action like(sign-up using email or name or any product purchase).
  4. It pays you 10$ to 50$ per action. (That’s amazing when your website gets good traffic)
  5. The minimum Withdrawal limits of RevenueHits is 50$and you can collect payment using Paypal, Payoneer, and direct bank transfer.
  6. RevenueHits is best for small publishers because it does not require minimum traffic.
  7. If you want to use that Ad network then just apply now, they instantly approve your request.

#5 Infolinks


  1. Infolinks is mostly famous for his in-text ads format.
  2. The revenue model of that Ad network is CPM-based Ad.
  3. If you are a blogger and publish lots more text-based article on your blog then infolinks is best for you.
  4. It also provides various Ads such as in-article ads, banner ads,in-screen ads, and in-frame ads.
  5. You can make a passive income by using his Ads on your website and it also provides you with 10% of referral earnings, if you invite other bloggers by your link.
  6. The minimum payouts limits of that Ad network is 50$and you can collect payment through Paypal, check, Payoneer or any wire transfer.
  7. If your blog getting some sustainable traffic then I am sure you can earn maximum revenue from Infolinks.
  8. There is no minimum traffic required for getting an approval of that Ad networks.

#6 Bidvertiser


  1. Bidvertiser is the best and oldest Ad network for all type of internet publishers.
  2. Most of the Advertising Networks showing Ads according to the content but Bidvertiser shows Ads of highest Bidders.
  3. You can be earned revenue when visitors click on your advertisement or when someone purchased something clicking on your Ads.
  4. It provides you with much varieties of Ads such as Banners Ads, Buttons Ads, and Inline Ads.
  5. The minimum payout threshold limits of 10$ and you can get paid from Paypal and bank transfer.

#7 ShareASale


  1. If you are not happy with all types of display, CPC, and impression-based Ad network then ShareASale is the most recommended choice for you.
  2. ShareASale has a wide range of product variety for all types of Niche bloggers and marketers.
  3. It’s not a display Ad network like AdSense or It is completely an Affiliate based network.
  4. You can earn revenue when someone buys products from your website and it also pays you per Leads.
  5. It also encourages existing publishers to refer any new user and earn 1$ per join.
  6. The most interesting things about that network are, that approve all types of online marketers quickly.
  7. The minimum payouts limit is 50$ and you can get paid through cheque and direct bank transfer.

#8 PopAds


  1. PopAds provides best pop-under Ads to his publishers and is also a leading company in the world who provides pop-up Ads.
  2. It provides better quality Ads to earn good revenue from it.
  3. Its revenue model based on CPC, CPM, and CPA.
  4. It approves every variety of contents like porn, controversial and tobacco.
  5. The approval process of Popadsis super easy and it approves your request in a single day.
  6. The minimum payout limits of that Ad network is just 5$and you can get paid using Payoneer, Paypal, and Bank transfer.

#9 Adcash

adcash ad network

  1. If you need quality and branded ads that give you better revenue then Adcash is the best option for you.
  2. Adcash sponsors with different types of big online brands so it provides high-quality Ads to his publishers.
  3. It provides Ads in different formats like display ads, interstitial ads, and background ads.
  4. There is no minimum traffic required to get approval for his service.
  5. That gives you revenue according to the CPC, CPM, and CPA based.

#10 Adbuff


  1. Adbuff is the best Ad networks for premium or pro level blogger.
  2. That Ad network provides revenue according to the CPC and CPM-based Ads.
  3. The minimum traffic required is 20,000 unique visitor per month then you can apply for that Ad network.
  4. The minimum payouts limits of that Ad network is 100$and you can get paid through PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfer.

Final Words

Here we discuss top 10 best Ad networks which monetization process is good and gives better earnings to the publishers.

In the end, we want to suggest if you get an approval of AdSense or then don’t go for any other alternative because in the market those Ad network is best in class.

Now we think you are clear about which Ad Network is best for your website or blog monetization. If you have found any benefits from our article then positively share it with your friends and also comments us which Ad network you use already or going to be used.


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