Top 50 Most Important GK Questions and Answers

Top 50 Most Important GK Questions and Answers in English

50 most important GK questions and answers in English

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Here’s the most important frequently asked GK questions for all competitive exams. General knowledge questions and answers which includes Indian history questions, Indian politics questions, Indian geography, World GK and more. In this article, we are trying to give some Top GK Questions of India and World to improve your general knowledge and you can make use of this.

Top 50 GK Questions with Answers for All Exams | Important GK Questions with Answers

  1. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?

Ans: Harare

  1. In which country Al-Tahrir square is located?

Ans: Egypt (Cairo)

  1. Which country has the largest Hydro Power generating plant?

Ans: China

  1. Which Country Christopher Columbus belonged to?

Ans: Italy

  1. Pythagoras belongs to which country?

Ans: Greece

  1. Isaac Newton belongs to which country?

Ans: England

  1. When did railway service start in India?

Ans: 1857

  1. Was Mount Everest named after Which Colonel?

Ans: George Everest (surveyor general of India)

  1. What is the meaning of de-facto?

Ans: In reality or fact; actually

  1. What is the name of the planet with the shortest day?

Ans: Jupiter

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GK Questions with Answers | GK in English

  1. Which book was written by Tolstoy?

Ans: War and peace

  1. In which month the Russian revolution was started?

Ans: February 1917

  1. Who is the Present Chief Justice of the International Court?

Ans: Justice Dalveer Bhandari

  1. What is the circumference of the earth?

Ans: Earth’s Circumference at the Equator: 24901.55 miles (40075.16 km)

  1. What is the name of the deepest point of the Pacific Ocean?

Ans: Mariana Trench

  1. To which country the father of Obama belongs to?

Ans: Kenya

  1. Who gave the theory of special relativity?

Ans: It was developed by Albert Einstein in 1905.

  1. Which theory was given by Isaac Newton?

Ans: Law of Planetary Motion

  1. What is the name of the strait between Malaysia and Indonesia?

Ans: Strait of Mallaca

  1. Which strait separates Spain and Morocco?

Ans: Strait of Gibraltar

GK Questions for all Competitive Exams | GK in English

  1. What is the meaning of Pediatrics?

Ans: Care of Children

  1. In which continent longest river is located?

Ans: The Nile in Africa

  1. In which country mountain Kilimanjaro in located?

Ans: Tanzania

  1. When was the first international flight from Pakistan?

Ans: 1955

  1. Which is the device when pressed keys encode word on screen?

Ans: keyboard

  1. What is the GDP growth rate of Pakistan?

Ans: 2% (2.3%)

  1. How much part of agriculture in GDP of Pakistan?

Ans: 21%

  1. What is the name of parliament of Israel?

Ans: Knesset

  1. When Pakistan won the first Olympic medal?

Ans: 1960 in Hockey

  1. When did Abdus Salam receive a noble prize?

Ans: October 15th, 1979

General Knowledge Questions | GK in English

  1. Who invented dynamite?

Ans: Alfred Nobel in1867

  1. What was the Old name of Myanmar?

Ans: Barma

  1. Which atmosphere layer is nearest to the earth?

Ans: Troposphere

  1. Which is the brightest planet?

Ans: Venus

  1. What is the shape of the Milky Way?

Ans: Spiral

  1. Where is the headquarter of WTO located?

Ans: Geneva, Switzerland

  1. Who wrote the book about Indian Muslims?

Ans: William Hunter

  1. Which river has a blind dolphin?

Ans: The Ganges River

  1. Who is special envoy of USA to Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Ans: Mark Grossman

  1. What was the code name of Indian’s 1st atomic operation?

Ans: Smiling Buddha

Important GK Questions with Answers | GK in English

  1. What is the cheapest source of energy?

Ans: Hydel

  1. Which Player twice won a grand slam?

Ans: Rod Laver

  1. What is the highest rank in the air force?

Ans: Air Chief Marshal

  1. What is the percentage of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere?

Ans: 20% (20.946%)

  1. What is the Name of the process of sun heating the earth?

Ans: insulation (not verified)

  1. What is the time taken by sunlight to reach earth?

Ans: 8 minutes

  1. Mixtures of metals are called what?

Ans: Alloys

  1. Which organism produces Insulin in the body?

Ans: Pancreas

  1. What does the 5th pillar of Islam mean?

Ans: Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca

  1. When did Christians conquest, Granada?

Ans: 1492



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