Top 50 GK Questions with Answers

Top 50 General Knowledge Questions with Answers

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Top 50 Most Important GK Questions

Here we are providing General Knowledge (Gk) questions for your practice for all competitive exams. GK questions with answers include Indian history questions, Indian polity questions, Indian geography and more. In this article, we are trying to give you Top GK Questions with Answers to improve your general knowledge and you can make use of this.

Top 50 GK Questions for All Competitive Exams | GK in English

  1. What is the total height of ‘Burj Khalifa’ Tower in Dubai?
    Ans. Burj Khalifa is the total height of 829.8 m or 2,722 ft.
  2. Who is the UN Secretary General?
    Ans. Antonio Guterres (since 1st January 2017).
  3. What was ‘Word of the Year-2017’ according to the Oxford Dictionaries?
    Ans. Youthquake
  4. NASA launched the ‘OSIRIS-REx’ Mission to collect samples from which asteroid?

Ans. Asteroid Bennu

  1. Reliance Jio has launched which digital wallet service for peoples?
  2. Which is the second largest moon in our solar system?
    Titan (Saturn moon) is the second largest moon in our solar system.
  3. Mostly which gases found on the planet Jupiter?
    Hydrogen and Helium.
  4. What is the name of Galilean moons?
    Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto (moons of Jupiter)
  5. Which galaxy is closest to our galaxy?
    Andromeda galaxy.
  6. What is the age of Earth as calculated?
    Age of Earth is 4.543 billion years.
  7. Which planet has the ‘Great Red Spot’?
  8. Who designed the Indian Parliament Building?

Ans. Herbert Bekar

GK in English | Important GK Questions with Answers

  1. Which country is called the constitution Research Society?

Ans. Greece

  1. When did Alexander great visited India?

Ans. 326 BC
15. Indus valley civilization period was

Ans. 3000-1500BC

  1. Where is “Buland Darwaza ” situated?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh

  1. The Dravidians worshipped

Ans. Sakthi

  1. The modern name for Pataliputra

Ans. Patna

  1. The city of modern Patna was founded by

Ans.  Ajathasatru
20. The modern name for Panipat is

Ans. Kurukshetra

  1. Vikramaditya was

Ans. Chandra Gupta II
22. Vathapi was the capital of the

Ans. Chalukyas
23. Who was known as the ‘Whip of the God’?

Ans. Chengizkhan

General Knowledge Questions | GK in English

  1. What is the name of the river flowing in the State of Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans. Indus
25. What is the most important coalfield in India?

Ans. Jharia Coalfield

  1. Where is the Kabul Lamjao, the only floating National Park in the world?

Ans.  Manipur

27. Where Tapti river originates from?

Ans. Satpura range

  1. Where is Wild Ass Sanctuary situated?

Ans. Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat 
29. where isSriharikota situated?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh 
30. where is the headquarters of North Eastern Railway?

Ans. Gorakhpur 
31. Which is a major port on the East Coast of India?

Ans. Vishakhapatnam 
32. what is The highest peak of the Karakoram Range?

Ans. Mt. K2 (Godwin Austin)

GK Questions with Answers | GK Questions for all Competitive Exams 

  1. Who given the call for ‘Quit India Movement’ against Britishers?

Ans. 1942

  1. Which brand/ company uses the ad line “We know India better”?

Ans. LIC of India

  1. Which State is the largest producer of cashew nuts in India?

Ans.  Kerala

  1. Which State is the largest producer of cashew nuts in India?

Ans. Kerala

  1. What will be the optimum cardinal temperature point for germination of rice seeds?

Ans.  20°C to 25°C

  1. BRICS stands for –Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa 
    39. The study of Cancer is called – Oncology
  2. OPEC stands for – Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries 
    42. What is the term of office of UN Secretary-General?

Ans. 5 years

  1. Being Myself’ is the autobiography of which famous tennis player?

Ans. Martina Navratilova

44. where Falklands Islands?

Ans. South Atlantic 
45. what is the minimum age required to become the Prime Minister of India?

Ans. 25 years
46. Nephrologist is a specialist who treats?

Ans. Kidney system
47. The office of the Prime Minister of India is created by

Ans. The Constitution

  1. What is the national emblem of Australia?
    Ans. Kangaroo49. what is the national tree of India?

Ans. Banyan (Ficus benghalensis)

  1. Cirrhosis is a disease which affects?

Ans. Liver

  1. Where is National Defence Academy situated?

Ans. Pune

  1. Where is India’s largest museum located at?

Ans. Kolkata

53. what is the unit of Frequency of sound waves?

Ans. Hertz




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