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11 home remedies will relieve the problem of breathlessness

How to relieve the problem of breathlessness Breathlessness (also known as dyspnea) refers to the sensation of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. It is an extremely common symptom but can be both distressing and frightening for patients and carers. Breathlessness may occur in conjunction with other symptoms such as a cough, chest pain, and fever. Due

3 best summer Detox Water drinks for weight loss

Weight Loss drinks: 3 best summer Detox Water drinks for Instant weight loss What Is Detox Water? Detox water is any infused water drink that helps flush your system of toxins and improves your health. Some detox water drinks have beneficial ingredients which enable your body in various ways (like boost metabolism), but the main valuable

Best Diet to eat for controlling High Blood pressure

17th May is worldwide celebrated as World Hypertension Day. It’s a day dedicated to understanding this “silent killer” better. High BP is one of the biggest health risks that face the worldwide population today. The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association announced the fresh guidelines on Hypertension and said that anything over 130/80